download mp3 songs

Playing songs in our spare time has become our daily activity. Especially in today’s era where music is increasingly showing its existence. And to keep up with the times, we start thinking about how to download songs on our computers.

As an important aspect in our daily life, music has played an important role in improving mood or mood, filling leisure time, accompanying activities and much more.

We often find many people using headsets on computer line trains , busways , malls , places to eat, or even in the office while working on reports.

Maybe there are still many of us who like to hang out in internet cafes, then move the collection of free songs in the cafe’s playlist to our flash drive.

But what if the cafe doesn’t have the song we want or a song with a video clip?

We will then find out how to download from the internet to enrich our collection, right. There are various easy ways to download music from the internet.

Among them download mp3 from youtube, even download without an application. All this in order to get the most up to date songs in a fast way.

Here are some ways to download songs on a computer that you need to know:

  • How to Download Songs on Computer Using Android Apps
  • how to download songs on a computer to a cellphone
  • How to Download Songs on Computer Using Android Apps

Downloading songs on Android phones is now very easy for you guys to do… There are two ways to download the songs you want, with an application or without an application.

You only need to download the application to download the song you want. There are various applications such as Langit Musik, 4 Shared, and many more.

You just need to select the song you want to download in the application (Mp3 Juice), then look for the down arrow button which means download, and you’re done. The song you want will be downloaded automatically.

Download Songs without Application

If you don’t want to download the app, you can still download songs from websites like You just select the song you want, then select the download menu on the song you want to download.

Now automatically the song will move to your cellphone, guys. If you use UC Browser, all the songs you download will be saved in UC Browser.

For this one website, you must be very familiar too, guys. users Spotify are currently mushrooming in Indonesia, apart from the large collection of songs provided, accessing them is also easy.

Every user can easily get the song they want to listen to from this app or web. They can listen to songs from this web wherever they want. Spotify users only need to think about one obstacle, namely internet quota ;D.

It’s so easy to access songs on Spotify, many people also share their favorite songs on other social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the aim that other users also know the favorite song.

To be able to download songs from Spotify, you only need to search the web on Google via your computer. If you already have an account, just log in.

To download songs on this site, you need to subscribe first. No need to worry because they always have promos for users who will subscribe.

After subscribing, you will always be updated with new songs which of course you can easily download and move in the songs folder on your laptop.